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Myanmar National Cloud & AI Contest by Huawei 2019 (MNCAC 2019)

ပါမောက္ခချုပ်များကော်မတီနှင့် Huawei Technologies (Yangon) Co., Ltd. တို့၏ နားလည်မှုစာချွန်လွှာရေးထိုးခြင်းအရ Myanmar National Cloud & AI Contest by Huawei 2019 (MNCAC 2019) အတွက် ပြိုင်ပွဲကို ကျင်းပပြုလုပ်မည်ဖြစ်ပါသည်။
အဆိုပါပြိုင်ပွဲအတွက် တက္ကသိုလ်များမှ ကျောင်းသား၊ ကျောငး်သူများ မည်သူမဆို ပါဝင်ယှဉ်ပြိုင်နိုင်ပါကြောင်း အသိပေးပါသည်။

Huawei Technologies (Yangon) Co.,Ltd is inviting participants to the 1st Cloud & AI Contest for Myanmar University Students.

1. Objective
The objective for this contest is to:
• Nurture Myanmar Talents
• Bridge Myanmar to AI world
• Smart Myanmar Career & Life
2. Eligibility for Participation
The participation to this contest is limited to the students of All Myanmar Universities, as below:
• Undergraduate/Postgraduate students are eligible for this contest.
• Each team consists of up to 2-3 students, one Adviser Professor.
3. Subject
Any category is available which using Huawei Cloud & AI Service. Such as industry, agriculture, education, business and so on.
4. Developing Application and Devices: No restrictions
• The Copyright of all submission belongs to Participant/Team;
• All Participant/Team shall have independent, complete, clear and non-contentious intellectual property copyright for their applied submissions, and all participants shall also ensure that their participation and their submission do not violate any applicable laws, regulations, policies and does not infringe the legal rights of any third party.
• The Participant/Team shall grant the organizer the right to display, report, publicize, use the market activities and related intellectual property rights. If the winning author refuses to continue to perform the relevant authorization obligations, the Participant/Team shall be deemed to voluntarily give up the corresponding award.
• Once the project is submitted, it will be deemed that the Participant/Team agrees and abides by the relevant instructions and regulations of the competition. If the work has intellectual property rights or other disputes in commercial use, the entrant shall bear all legal responsibilities and compensate the organizer for the losses suffered.
5. Development Environment: No restrictions
・Participants choose all suitable development environment such as Windows, Linux, Android, iOS and other suitable OS (no restrictions).
・Application Languages: Myanmar Language and English
6. Development Submission
• Team Member Brief Introduction
• Project Brief Introduction
• Key Features List used in Huawei Cloud
• Project Presentation Materials (PPT or Keynotes)
• Project DEMO Materials. (Executive Program, Video and etc.)
• Copyright Statement Agreement
The followings points should be included in sending Materials:
– Description of what problem or function this project has solved.
– Description of how you solving this problem or function.
– Description of how the application improves
– It’s suggested to create Video Presentation in English. (3min-5min)
– The explanation in the above should be logically and easy to understand.

– All materials shall been compressed and send to myanmarcloud@huawei.com ;
6. Schedule
Start to Registration: 5th July, 2019
Registration Deadline: 31th July, 2019
Submission Deadline: 20th August, 2019
Top10 Announcement: 30th August, 2019
Presentation: 7th September, 2019
Award Ceremony: 7th September, 2019
အသေးစိတ်အချက်အလက်များကို ဤနေရာမှ download ပြုလုပ်ရရယူနိုင်ပါသည်။